CTI Celebrates 30 Years

This July, CTI Engineers, Inc. celebrates 30 years of business, providing local, specialized civil engineering services to municipal governments and private industries.

From the beginning, the 10 founding engineers of CTI wanted to work at a firm focused on engineering and its employees.

They were concerned with the complex, corporate structure of large engineering firms and had a vision for a company that operated differently from most consulting practices. They couldn’t find one, so they built one.

CTI is an employee-owned civil engineering consulting firm specializing in the development, design and construction management of municipal and private water, wastewater and storm water infrastructure systems. We have expanded our services to include inhouse structural engineering design and a solid waste division, however, we have always believed in providing specialized expertise rather than a diverse services portfolio.

Looking back on the past 30 years, CTI celebrates how far we have come. The successes, as well as the challenges that became learning opportunities.

When the original team started CTI in Chattanooga, critics told them they wouldn’t last three months. Three months passed and over time they eventually found themselves thriving as one of the trusted sources of water and wastewater engineers in Southeastern Tennessee.

With the successful growth of the headquarters, they wanted to increase the firm’s reach.

In 1995, several Ohio civil engineers made the leap to begin the first branch of the company. Following the Ohio Branch Office, CTI opened additional branches in Knoxville, Nashville and Dalton, Georgia. We have grown from an original staff of 15 to more than 50 employees across six offices.

CTI understands that our continued success is attributed to our dedicated and hardworking employees throughout the years.

With the focus on infrastructure in the coming years, we are extremely excited to see what the next thirty years have in store.

Timeline Graphic

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