Ensuring our waterways stay clear of pollution is critical. CTI specializes in solving difficult challenges in wastewater treatment for its clients, often finding innovative solutions and saving clients millions of dollars in the process. We work closely with governmental regulatory agencies to ensure facilities remain compliant with current pollution regulations.

In addition, several of our professional engineers are also licensed operators, emphasizing our unique advantage in designing projects with the operations and maintenance of the final construction in mind.

From planning through construction, our engineers have extensive experience in every facet of wastewater.

Sludge Treatment & Disposal

Pretreatment Program

River Crossings & Diffusers

Operations Assistance

SSES & I/I Evaluations

Sewer Modeling

GIS Mapping

Asset Management

Sewer Rehabilitation

Odor Control

Collection Systems - Gravity & Pressure

Wastewater Treatment - Membrane

Wastewater Treatment - Conventional & Advanced

Wastewater Treatment - On-Site & Small Community Systems