Site planning and development are crucial steps in transforming any land into a valuable and usable asset. CTI specializes in understanding the technical and regulatory requirements, complexities and environmental challenges for land development or remediation. We work closely with a  local municipalities, industrial and commercial clients on site and civil projects to ensure expectations and deadlines are met.

For more than 20 years, CTI's engineers have been working with municipalities and state Departments of Natural Resources to enhance and improve community and state parks throughout Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia. Our team has led efforts to modernize campgrounds, making them more accessible for the current and future needs of campers, while also working to reclaim land for future use.

Site Selection

Site Remediation

Access and Infrastructure Design for Residential, Commercial, or Industrial Development

Stormwater Management

Site Utilities Planning and Design

Multi-use Paths and Trails

Master Planning

Environmental Permitting

Regulatory Permitting


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