CTI Engineers, Inc. Announces Corporate Rebranding Initiative

(CHATTANOOGA, TN, October 2021) —

CTI Engineers, Inc., an employee-owned civil engineering consulting firm specializing in water and wastewater design, is pleased to announce the unveiling of a company-wide rebranding effort to position the company for continued success, growth and a competitive edge.

Building on decades of engineering experience, CTI has a proven track-record of award-winning success in the civil engineering consulting industry. To better reflect its position at the forefront of innovation, the new corporate identity provides a solid foundation for effective brand establishment in an increasingly commoditized marketplace.

The new comprehensive brand strategy focuses on highlighting the company’s longtime established mission of providing practical, yet innovative solutions to client problems while being socially and environmentally responsible. In an effort to attract new business, recruit and maintain engineering talent and strengthen existing client and customer relationships, CTI believed its current brand was lacking a unified and modern identity.

The company’s new visual identity derives inspiration from natural influences. The logo ties in the environmental aspects of our industry with subtle references to water and the earth while making our company name recognizable and readable for customers on a first glance. With a modern and muted take on a traditional green and blue color scheme, this palette heightens the professional values of the company.

In addition, the company website www.ctiengr.com has been refreshed with an updated user experience and focus on highlighting CTIs project portfolio.

“The CTI rebrand comes at an exciting time for CTI. In the past 30 years we have taken CTI from a startup firm with 15 engineers, to a corporate firm with more than 50 employees across five regional offices. In an effort to unite the regional offices into one corporate identity, we have really been focusing on developing a brand strategy that reflects how far we have come and the opportunities we have for the future,” said Richard Reed, P.E., President and CEO.

The new company branding represents change. As CTI strives to provide the latest innovative solutions and stay on the cutting edge of new advances in engineering, the brand must reflect these strives. While staying at the forefront of rapid changes in the marketplace, CTI will continue to provide the same practical innovation, by design® the company has been known for since its founding 30 years ago.

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