Duck River Utility Commission Water Treatment Plant

The Duck River Utility Commission (DRUC) Water Treatment Plant (WTP) receives its supply from the Normandy Reservoir in Coffee County, Tennessee and serves over 17,000 customers (taps) in Tullahoma and Manchester.  DRUC needed to expand its 7.5-mgd WTP to 15 mgd and eventually 22.5 mgd.  The first phase of the expansion was the design of a new chemical feed building, including all new chemical feed systems -pumping, piping, bulk and day tank storage, spill containment, instrumentation, chlorine gas scrubber, etc.


CMU and Brick Building - 5,000 SF Area Including the Following Features:

  • Separate chemical spill containment areas for each chemical system
  • Pipe chase below floor and ground to pre- and post-chemical feed points
  • Fiberglass doors, handrails, grating over pipe chase, and ceiling
  • Separate storage rooms for chlorine, fluoride, and sodium chlorite
  • Overhead doors for future replacement of storage tanks
  • Dual electric hoist and monorail system for chlorine cylinder handling

Complete Chemical Storage and Feed Systems Including:

  • Chlorine - complete vacuum feed system for post-disinfection and chlorine dioxide
  • Chlorine dioxide system - for preoxidation
  • Sodium chlorite - for chlorine dioxide generation
  • Fluorosilicic acid - for dental care
  • Sodium hydroxide - for pH adjustment.
  • Alum - for coagulation
  • Phosphate - for corrosion control
  • Liquid chemical feed systems including peristaltic metering pumps and eductor feed components
  • HDPE chemical storage tanks - Bulk and day tanks.
  • Exterior spill containment systems for unloading areas

Chlorine Gas Scrubber System


  • Remote monitoring and control of all bulk and day storage tank levels, metering pumps, liquid and gas leak detection, etc., through PLC connected to WTP SCADA system
  • Automatic control of chlorine gas scrubber and alarm from gas leak detection
  • Spill and leak detection and alarms
  • Fill station monitoring of bulk tank levels

"The finest chemical building I have ever seen."

-David Draughon, Manager TDEC Division of Water Supply


US EPA Safe Drinking Water Act Excellence Award

-2002, Region 4


KY/TN AWWA 2006 Water Treatment Plant of the Year