Raccoon Valley


CTI was retained to evaluate alternatives for doubling the plant’s design capacity from 0.15 MGD to 0.3 MGD. An upgrade was needed to address issues related to both the capacity and the age of existing mechanical and electrical components. The selected alternative involves expansion of the existing extended aeration activated sludge.

CTI prepared the design for corrective measures including screening, influent pumping, upgrade to the aeration equipment, clarifier addition, effluent filtration, chlorination and dechlorination equipment, effluent pumping, electrical and mechanical improvements, and site improvements. The biological design incorporates an anoxic/anaerobic selector tankage and internal MLSS recycle to promote biological nitrogen and phosphorous removal.

An important element of the design was the careful phasing for each step in the upgrade due to the requirement to maintain plant operation during construction.

  • Demolishing existing structures and equipment
  • Submersible influent and effluent pump stations on variable frequency drives
  • Influent and effluent flow metering stations
  • Three packaged positive displacement aeration blowers and accessories
  • Stainless steel aeration headers, manifolds, diffusers, and supports
  • New circular secondary clarifier, including 40-foot concrete structure
  • Vertical fine screen, screw conveyor and screenings compactor
  • Waste sludge pumps and controls
  • Rehabilitation and installation of existing effluent filter in new structure
  • Motor control centers
  • SCADA system
  • Relocation (from off-site) and installation of Owner-furnished standby generator
  • Ultraviolet disinfection
  • Submersible mixer, accessories, and controls for influent selector/nutrient tank
  • Influent and effluent wastewater samplers
  • Aboveground and underground piping
  • Temporary bypass pumping and piping as required to maintain operation
  • Sidewalks, lighting, fencing, sitework
  • 2,800 LF 8-inch PVC force main from plant effluent to outfall
  • Alternatives analysis and design development report
  • Hydraulic evaluation
  • Drawings, specifications and contract documents
  • Easements and permit applications
  • Construction administration
  • Resident project representation
  • SRF Funding assistance, including facilities plan
Project Description

Constructed in 1975, the existing Raccoon Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is an extended aeration variation on the activated sludge process permitted at 0.3 MGD capacity.

Project Details
  • Client: Hallsdale-Powell Utility District