Jasper Bridge Water Line


To minimize costs and to provide a more seamless transition, CTI broke the project down into four construction contracts as follows:

  1. Installation of new water lines in the rights-of-way of Highway 41 leading to the new bridge prior to its construction.
  2. Installation of pipe wall sleeves at three locations in the concrete pier diaphragms and in two locations in the abutment and walls.
  3. Installation of fabricated hanger rods under the bridge deck for attachment of steel water pipe.
  4. Construction of 8-inch welded insulated water line to new 1,880-foot-long SR 2 (Hwy 41) bridge over Nickajack Lake, including hanger brackets, restraints, expansion joints, insulation and connections to existing lines at abutment (installed in Contract 1 above). CDBG funded portion of project.


  • 4,000 lf of 8-inch ductile iron pipe
  • 400 lf of 6-inch ductile iron pipe
  • Four cased highway crossings
  • Valving for sequencing of water line operation
  • Supports, brackets, restraints, expansion joints
  • 1,880 LF of insulated, 8-inch welded steel pipe


  • Planning
  • Design
  • Permit assistance
  • TDOT coordination
  • Bid phase services
  • Construction phase services
  • Resident project representation
Project Description

When TDOT announced plans to demolish the existing SR 2 bridge and construct a new bridge over Nickajack Lake on the Tennessee River a short distance away, the Town of Jasper was responsible for not only realigning the roadway approaches and addressing other transportation issues but also for relocating water lines and utilities associated with the bridge crossing. The town retained CTI to design a solution that would allow the existing water lines to remain in service for 2 years or more while the new bridge was constructed, and new lines to operate immediately when the new structures was complete, ensuring no interruption in service.

Project Details
  • Client: Town of Jasper, Tenn.