Floyd County Facility


CTI was retained to conduct a flow study of the well and a separate study of treatment alternatives. It was determined that continuous monitoring of well and perched water levels, the well capacity could be more than doubled. A pressure ultrafiltration membrane filtration facility was selected as the most cost-effective solution.

Georgia Chapter Environment Project of the Year Award from the American Public Works Association for Fulton Road Membrane Filtration Facility (2016).


  • New CMU building (41 by 38 feet) to house new filtration system
    • Metal roof
    • 19,388-gallon concrete settling tank
    • 21,812-gallon concrete equalization tank
    • Blower room, electrical room, chemical room
  • Filtration system
    • Two process skids, one ancillary skid
    • CIP tank, backpulse tank
    • 1,000-gallon sump for backwash operated with two 200-gpm sump pumps
    • Static mixer
  • Improvements to existing building
    • Upgrade to three-phase electrical service
    • Metal roofing
    • Exhaust fans, electric louvers
    • Two 600-gpm pumps with two 100-hp 3-phase motors
    • Double roof hatch, baffle curtain, lights, painting
    • 5-ton HVAC
    • Upgrade of 280-foot well with 600-gpm, 25-hp pump and magmeter
  • Raw water and high service piping
  • Backwash disposal facilities
  • Site entrance and other improvements


  • Well flow study
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Design
  • Bidding assistance (separate bids for membrane procurement and equipment installation)
  • Construction administration
  • Resident project representation and construction testing
  • USACE/EPD buffer permit assistance
  • NPDES permitting assistance
  • Surveys
  • Geotechnical
Project Description

For generations, Floyd County residents have enjoyed an ample supply of high quality groundwater. Due to development within its recharge area, one well on Fulton Road became contaminated.

Project Details
  • Client: Floyd County Water Department