Carey Streetscape


Findlay Street (SR 103, SR 199), the north-south segment of the streetscape project, crosses Spring Run, a stream carried by a 5’ H x 8’ W 4-sided concrete box culvert.  CTI determined that the culvert was significantly undersized and needed to be replaced with a culvert 20’ wide.  Due to financial constraints, only the 96’ long portion within the road right-of-way was replaced during the project.  CTI determined that a 20’ span x 4’-3” rise precast concrete three-sided flat-topped culvert would provide the necessary hydraulic capacity, while allowing for continuation of the existing water main and gas line above it, and considering the shallow limestone bedrock present at this location.  CTI designed a poured-in-place concrete foundation and poured-in-place concrete endwalls where the new culvert met the remaining 5’ x 8’ box culvert.


  • Remove old 8’ x 6’ storm culvert
  • Construct specially-designed cast-in-place end sections to transition to 8’ x 6’
  • Construct concrete footers
  • Install 20’ x 4’-3” precast three-sided box sections
  • Accommodate design of new underground electricity and telephone service
  • Replacement of storm sewer and waterline around the 20’ x 4’-3” box culvert


  • Hydraulics and Hydrology performed by CTI under previous contract
  • Preliminary design and culvert sizing performed by CTI under previous contract
  • Subsurface geotechnical engineering
  • Final Design of box culvert, including structural concrete
  • Plan preparation, including underground utility coordination and relocation
  • Construction phase assistance
Project Description

The Carey Village Improvement Project (Carey VIP) is a streetscape beautification project to provide aesthetic and functional improvements to the roadway and utilities infrastructure in the central downtown corridors, utilizing federal scenic enhancement transportation funding and Ohio Public Works Commission infrastructure replacement funding.

Project Details
  • Client: Village of Carey, Ohio