Faircrest Lift Station


This project included a new duplex submersible lift station, standby generator, chemical feed system for odor control, control panel including provisions for the City of Canton’s telemetry system, 1,900 LF of 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer, 3,100 LF of 6-inch diameter HDPE force main, and 280 LF of 8-inch diameter HDPE sanitary sewer which was installed by horizontal directional drilling.  The purpose of the preliminary design report is to determine the future sanitary sewer needs of the tributary (B-3) and (I-1) zoning areas and to determine the size and location of the proposed sanitary sewer, pump station, and force main to meet these needs.


  • New Duplex Submersible Lift Station
  • New Standby Generator
  • New Odor Control Chemical Feed System
  • New Control Panel
  • 1,900 LF of 8-inch Sanitary Sewer
  • 3,100 LF of 6-inch HDPE Force Main
  • 280 LF of 8-inch HDPE Sanitary Sewer (Directionally Drilled)
  • Sanitary Sewer Manhole Lining for Corrosion Protection
  • Antenna Tower and Foundation Design-Coordination with Telemetry System Integrator


  • Preliminary Design Report
  • Final Design
  • Construction Administration
Project Description

The purpose of the project is to provide sanitary sewer service the business areas zoned (B-3) and the residentially zoned (R-1c) areas located in the southwest corner of the City of Canton. CTI provided a preliminary design report, design, construction administration services for the Faircrest Street SW Lift Station and Sanitary Sewer Project.

Project Details
  • Client: City of Canton, Ohio