Durham Trail 1


CTI provided preliminary planning on the 10-mile multi-use trail and detailed design on the initial 2-mile-long construction phase from the Chickamauga ballfields to the historic Coke Oven Park (Phase 1).
CTI has also provided services on the segments from Coke Oven Park to Wallaceville Soccer Fields (Phase 2) and atop Lookout Mountain (Phases 3 and 4). Phase 3 includes a 50-foot span pedestrian bridge over Rock Creek, which is classified as a trout stream.

The initial phase of construction was by force account using Walker County construction staff.

  • Planning and concept design
  • Final design
  • Construction administration services
  • Resident project representation
  • Environmental permitting
  • Corrective action plan
Project Description

The Chickamauga-Durham Railroad once provided rail access from historic Chickamauga in the Tennessee River Valley to the top of Lookout Mountain. The abandoned right-of-way is now available for recreational use.

Project Details
  • Client: Walker County, Ga.