Canton Elevated Water Tank


The existing elevated water storage tank at the City of Canton’s WRF provides inplant water service to processes throughout the facility. This 1975 Elevated water storage tank was in need of rehabilitation due to the age of the structure. Along with the rehabilitation, the City decided to upgrade the logo to enhance its appearance.

Design improvements to the existing 250,000 gallon elevated water storage tank included blasting and recoating the interior and exterior of the water tank, removal and replacement of the pipe insulation on the inlet and outlet riser pipes, repair of the existing interior ladder, application of a new logo around the exterior bowl of the tank, replacement of existing vent with frost free vent, installation of pest screen in overflow pipe.


  • Blasting and Recoating Exterior and Interior of Tank
  • Removal and Replacement of Pipe Insulation
  • Interior Ladder Repair
  • New Logo Application
  • Vent Replacement
  • Addition of Pest Screen


  • Design
  • Preparation of Bid Documents
  • Bidding
  • Construction Administration
Project Description

The difficulties associated with this project included providing water to plant processes while the tank was being repaired, minimizing overspray from blasting and coating operations and performing the work with the least amount of interruptions to the operations of the treatment facility. The overall tank height is 161’-8” which was factored into the type of containment system used by the contractor to contain the blasting media. Wind speeds were monitored while the containment system was erected for this tank.

Project Details
  • Client: City of Canton, Ohio