Influent Relief Pump Station

A major element of the innovative wet-weather diversion and treatment scheme at the Moccasin Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is the Influent Relief Pump Station. The pump station has an initial capacity of 80 mgd (expandable to 120 mgd with two additional pumps). Innovative wet weather screens with 4-mm openings are provided. The design of the station provides for discharge of the collected screenings back to the influent channel, where they are directed downstream to the main plant bar screens.

• Eliminate bypassing of combined sewer flows at an economical price
• Complete the facility on fast-track schedule to allow major overhaul of existing in-plant pumping station
• Simplicity of design

• 80-mgd initial capacity (120-mgd future)
• Tie-ins to operating 84-inch interceptor sewer and existing treatment plant
• Two modes of operation
• Owner procurement of major equipment
• Unique wet weather screening
• Remote operation using plant SCADA system
• Odor control and station ventilation
• 2,000 LF of 54-inch ductile iron force main

• Planning and concept design
• Final design
• Equipment procurement specifications
• Bid evaluation for influent screen/tipping bucket
• Bidding assistance and evaluation
• Construction administration services
• Resident project representation