Water Park Activity Pool

CTI was asked to provide preliminary pool design assistance by Aquatic Development Group (ADG) in New York, along with the owner’s architect, Chris Jones in North Palm Beach, FL. The pool equipment was purchased from White Water in Canada.

In order to meet the aggressive schedule, CTI subsidiary ConTec Services, Inc., agreed to a design/build approach for site development. Construction on the site development actually began before the pool design plans were finished. At ConTec’s suggestion, the architect’s plan was modified to eliminate the need for the retaining wall and repair an existing erosion problem. This change also allowed more room for the pool and concrete deck.

ConTec provided additional services for the site utilities, i.e. water and electrical supply and a temporary site access ramp for the pool contractor and equipment installer. Contec also modified the site based on request by the architect, pool contractor, pool designer, and owner during the construction to provide the maximum footprint.

ConTec also provided services related to the concrete deck around the perimeter of the pool. Once this work was completed and the pool's Aqua Play equipment was installed, ConTec oversaw finished site grading and preparation to finish the project in time for the summer season.

» Demolition of existing concrete
» New concrete deck
» Floor drains and drain pipe
» Gravel base for subgrade
» Site grading and compaction
» Concrete pour and finish
» Saw joints
» Utilities (electric and water)