Replacement of Four Pump Stations: Laten Bottom, Hardees, Pitts, and Liberty Stations

After decades of service, wastewater collection facilities commonly experience excessive infiltration/inflow and sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). To encourage municipalities to address these problems, the State of Tennessee issues moratoria against new construction pending the implementation of corrective measures. Fayetteville Public Utilities retained CTI Engineers to plan and help implement an ambitious program which would remove its moratorium. Included in the program was the simultaneous replacement of four 40-year-old pump stations, followed by substantial line rehabilitation, wastewater treatment plant improvements, and other measures.

All of the pump station projects described below were completed on schedule and within budget. Change orders were less than four percent of bid prices. These projects resulted in a partial relaxation of the moratorium, in the amount of 200,000 gpd in both basins.

Because each pump station was a replacement, careful planning and bypass pumping were necessary to avoid interruption of service to existing customers. Also included were the abandonment of existing stations; construction of new stations; new instrumentation and controls; requisite gravity sewer, force main, and water service; sitework; fencing, etc.

Laten Bottom Pump Station – The original pump station had a major problem with SSOs, 90 percent of which were rainfall induced. CTI’s rehabilitation design has eliminated over 80 percent of SSOs in the drainage basin:
• Upgraded to a capacity of 2 million gallons per day (mgd)
• New wetwell
• Two new variable speed submersible pumps rated at 1,400 gpm
• Backup generator, new controls
• Replacement of 11,000 LF of 14-inch force main

Operating in series, the Liberty, Pitts, and Hardees Pump Stations together serve the Huntsville Highway drainage basin. Replacement of the facilities has eliminated over 95 percent of SSOs in this basin.

Hardees Pump Station
• Upgraded from 400 gpm to 600 gpm
Pitts Pump Station
• Upgraded from 300 gpm to 450 gpm
• Replacement of 1,100 LF of 8-inch force main
Liberty Road Pump Station
• Duplex station upgraded from 180 gpm capacity to 300 gpm

Fayetteville Public Utilities received the KYTN WEA 2011 Overflow Abatement Award for Sewer Rehabilitation in the Laten Bottom and Pitts Drainage Basins.

• Sanitary Sewer Overflow Corrective Action Plan
• Preliminary planning
• Computer modeling
• Detailed design, specifications, CADD
• Construction administration
• Resident project representation