Warner Park CSO Control Facility

The Warner Park CSO Control Facility is the ninth structure constructed by the City of Chattanooga as a part of its CSO control program. It is one of several separate components constructed within the drainage area which are designed to work in combination to address the frequent flooding within the park and prevent combined wastewater from escaping from the collection system.

The need for the facility was identified during extensive storm water flow analyses of the surrounding area. These analyses involved some of the most complex hydrologic and hydraulic modeling efforts conducted to date for Chattanooga’s combined collection system.

The facility is located immediately adjacent to the Warner Park Pool (the largest public swimming pool in the City of Chattanooga) and Frost Stadium (the “world-class” home of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s girl softball team).

To design and construct a major detention facility in the very limited space available in keeping with the nature of this very public site.

To maximize the amount of combined sewage flow contributed to the sanitary sewer system and reduce the number of overflows of contaminated water within the park area.

• Underground structure approximately 200 feet long by 100 feet wide with an average depth of 15 feet
• Divided into eight “cells” with a combined working storage volume of 1.6 million gallons
• Inlet screening
• Drainage pumps
• Washdown system
• Primary ventilation system (with odor control)
• Secondary ventilation system to permit operator entry
• Combustible gas detection system (with emergency ventilation operational mode)
• Fully automated controls
• Roof forming a fully lighted and landscaped parking lot for approximately 100 vehicles

• Computer modeling
• Planning and concept design
• Final design
• Bidding assistance and evaluation for facility
• Construction administration services
• Resident project representation

Outstanding Overflow Abatement Project Award, from KY-TN Water Professionals Conference (2010).