Boynton Terrace Apartments

This 250-unit apartment complex was constructed in the early 1970’s. It consists of three high-rise apartment buildings (two 8-story and one 7-story units) and a one-story community/recreational building for use by residents. While the complex had been remodeled several times during its 40-plus year life, the condition of the sanitary and storm sewer system serving the facility had never been investigated. A major renovation of another high-rise apartment complex by the CHA revealed the sanitary sewer and waste plumbing to be deteriorated to the extent that essentially all vertical waste and vent piping had to be replaced. Following this experience, in combination with numerous sewer blockage work orders, CHA retained CTI Engineers to conduct a phased investigation and make recommendations for replacement or improvements. The complex contains more than 5,000 feet of 1-1/2 inch to 4-inch waste and vent piping, plus 250 vertical feet of roof drains and more than 1,000 feet of site sanitary storm drain piping.

Phase 1 – Condition assessment of sewer waste lines and vents in three high-rise buildings and community building.
- Data gathering
- Site visits and interviews
- Inventory pipe chases, types, sizes
- TV and video and external inspection
- Recommendations and cost estimates for extensive investigation

Phase 2 – Detailed Investigation
- Visual inspection of 44 chase openings where previous repairs had been performed
- Subcontract for video inspection of sanitary/storm drains in basement and exterior
- Recommendations and cost estimates of proposed improvements

Phase 3 – Plans and Specifications for Two Contracts
- Contract I – Point Repairs, Line Replacement, Clean and Line Basement Piping
- Contract 2 – Sink Chase Piping Rehabilitation

Phase 4 – Bid and Award Assistance

Phase 5 – Construction Administration
- Meetings, inspections, pay requests,
record drawings, etc.

Phase 6 – Resident Project Representation

Miscellaneous Additional Services