49th Street and Gardendale Avenue Storm Sewer Design

The City of Canton retained the services of CTI Engineers, Inc. to perform the final design and plan preparation of the first two phases of storm sewer reconstruction plus detention facilities, in the Plain Center Estates area on the north side of town. The project provided approximately 5,000 LF of 18" to 60" storm sewer with appurtenances and restoration. The project was successfully completed with no major change orders, and is performing as intended, providing relief from flooding in the area.

CTI developed a final design to accommodate the design flow and relieve flooding while utilizing the existing route where feasible and maintaining the suburban character of the neighborhood. In addition, the dramatic increase in storm sewer size and capacity could lead to overloading and erosion along the receiving channels, so it was determined to add detention to the project. CTI determined and analyzed several routes for a high-flow bypass sewer to a storm water detention facility located off the natural watercourse, which will continue to receive a normal rate of flow with storm water pollutants removed.

● Final Design and Plan Preparation of Storm Sewer Reconstruction
● Preliminary Engineering for high-flow bypass sewer and detention facility
● Final Design and Plan Preparation for bypass sewer, detention and outlet

● Detailed topographic and property survey
● Refined Hydraulic Modeling of proposed storm sewer
● Final Design and Plan Preparation
● Preparation of Easement Descriptions and Exhibits